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Ario Entertainment

Ario Entertainment represents a network of animation studios in the Middle East region, specialised in the production of 2D and 3D animations. In addition to our own studio with 47 employees and an animation experience of 15 years, we are closely networking with other partner studios in the greater region to achieve more flexibility and scalability for our clients. With the establishment of Ario Entertainment UG in Hamburg, Germany, we now aim to provide our services to customers in Europe. Our German HQ in Hamburg will be your contractual partner and permanent contact point throughout your animation project.

The Founders

When Hossein Ghazaei and Peter Sprock met in 2020 it was a perfect match. One with an animation studio in Mid East and the hunger to prove he can also bring his skills to the European market and the other with a long history of experience ranging from FMCG marketing expert to script writer and animation expert. With the ambition to create new, own IP and/or provide high quality animation as a service, both founded Ario Entertainment UG based in Hamburg, Germany.

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